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Aldo Puccetti took his first steps in the commercialization of dental instruments in the 1970s. He immediately understood that, to become leader in the dental field, you needed to have greater control of all the process phases: design, production, storage and sale.
So Asa Dental opened a facility in Maniago to produce its instruments.
The company innovates by redefining the standards for articulators, inventing an extremely more economical and practical version.
It manufactures new instruments with separate handle and tip, optimizing production by reducing costs and process times. Simultaneously with developments in production, Asa Dental grows by acquiring competitors such as Kaltoplast, world leader in saliva ejectors, and Derby Dental, manufacturer of dental instruments and leader in France and French-speaking markets.
The rest is contemporary history: the story of an Italian group that placed technology at the service of efficiency.
Asa Dental is certainly bucking the trend. In recent years, under the leadership of its new General Manager Alessandro Malfatti, the whole of the company's production has been concentrated in Italy, to focus everything on Made-in-Italy product quality but also in order to have strict control over the entire production chain.The industrial philosophy on which Asa Dental founds its activities is based on perceiving market demands in advance and providing prompt answers with intelligently designed, impeccably manufactured products, distributed in capillary fashion worldwide, with an unparalleled price/quality ratio.Manufacturing in Italy allows reducing production times throughout the process chain, while at the same time having stringent quality control on production and being able to focus on Italian excellence. Quality at Asa Dental is based on the quest for the balance between technology and artisan expertise. Harnessing Italian excellence is the company's main goal.

In an increasingly globalized market, in addition to having sales coverage in 170 countries, Asa Dental perceived the importance of being physically present in strategic markets. For this reason, in 2010 the first American branch was opened – still today the main extra-European market – and in 2013 the Chinese branch was inaugurated to follow the most important emerging market on the planet from up close, while the Russian branch facility will be opened soon. 

Asa Dental is certainly bucking the trend. In recent years, the company has concentrated its entire production in Italy in the quest for product quality, but also to monitor the entire production chain. Asa Dental's quality is based on the balance between technology and artisan expertise and only by finding and harnessing Italian excellences can the winning formula be attained.
Production is concentrated in three facilities: Maniago, Marlia and Bozzano. The Maniago plant manufactures laboratory instruments such as articulators, facebows, pliers, diagnostic, restorative and surgical instruments, hand and cutting instruments with extremely high-precision plants and tools.
The Marlia plant produces impression trays, trays, occlusors, in addition to disposable items: dappens, syringes and saliva ejectors.
The facility in Bozzano performs quality tests and product check-ups, finishing processes, removal of process residues, washing and polishing.
The strict standards set forth in Asa Dental's quality procedures and other control procedures such as the traceability of every individual lot are the best guarantee for customers who choose the company's products.

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