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When digital means convenient

Asa Dental app brings more than 3000 products in one place to make it easy, clear and convenient for dental professionals to look for those instruments they need and check their specifications.
Available for iOS and Android, it is a digital service designed to offer an intuitive and interactive product experience whether dentists want to view a 3D model of the instrument, build and share a wishlist or search with different criteria.


When you don’t have an instrument in your hand the only best option to make your choice is an interactive 3D view letting you zoom in and out, rotate or pan. It allows to check the size and shape of a tip, a blade inclination, a concave or convex surface and all bending angles as if the real instrument is in front of you. Asa Dental app 3D view takes product exploration and selection to the next level.


Dental professionals know what they are looking for. It may be a specific material or a pattern, an application category and even a scientific name. Asa Dental app let you search using the criteria combination that best suit your needs, including product code or description. Simple, fast and effective.


Curettes, scalers, pluggers and many other instruments come with several handle combinations to best meet user requirements in terms of ergonomics, shape and weight. Every instrument with that option displays the complete list of handles and let the user change it with one click to check details and differences.


Building your wishlist is as simple as hitting the star button on an instrument screen. Sharing it with colleagues, dealers or Asa Dental is just the matter of a click, whether it is a Whatsapp message, a mail through your favorite app, a note on GoogleDrive or a task in your agenda.


As nice as a 3D image can be, a product is much more than that. It includes other technical information that help with the purchasing decision, like material, scientific name and pattern, measures, code and reprocessing temperature, to name some.Asa Dental app offers technical datasheets for every product, resuming the most important information in just one place.

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