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A word from the expert, dr. Erik Cocchetti

1. Clinical case

2. Instrument 1504-2

3. Instrument 1203-3

4. Instrument 5153-1

5. Finished work

Using proper instruments, it is possible not only to faithfully copy the natural anatomical shape of the tooth, but also to perfectly recreate the light effects typical of natural enamel.

Tooth enamel has a texture that reflects the light (or part of it) in a unique way for every individual.

Enamel under the microscope

Even if the same basic color of the tooth is used in the composite, it is practically impossible to exactly replicate the color itself unless the texture of the enamel is reproduced, too.

N.B. The use of the correct spatulas yields extraordinary aesthetic results, also when using composites having a relatively modest cost.



Basic series of 7 instruments for working the composite

5112-3, 0704-16D2, 1203-1, 1203-3, 1219-179, 1504-2, 5153-1

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